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Objectives Of This Section

I am a keen artist, having built up knowledge over many years. My objective of this section is therefore to communicate to budding artists on where to begin, and offer suggestions on how to overcome obstacles.

Without any prior experience, the budding artists first reaction would be, to visit the local art or stationery supplier and purchase cheap brushes and paint sets. In my experience a lot of money can be wasted purchasing items which are inferior in quality and not necessary.

There are many art materials that can be substituted for alternatives. These notes are intended as guide notes and are not extensive. There may be other suggestions than those I have listed, so please use my 'Contact Us' or 'Blog' pages for comments and ideas.

I have also added 'How to' guide notes on making equipment rather than purchasing expensive catalogued items. For this purpose I have included photographic images with these notes. The guide notes are based on the materials I used. They can therefore be modified to utilise sections that can be sourced and including off-cuts that have been saved from other projects. You will need to consider also, your specific needs including posture (sitting, standing, reach, height, body shape etc.).

Do not buy from DIY stores as they are expensive. Shop around for timber merchants or saw mills. All of my hardware fittings were purchased through on line sources such as 'Amazon'.

If you would rather obtain these notes through GPO post then, please send a stamped and addressed envelope to :- Malcolm Jones Art, 31 Burslem Close, Turnberry Estate, Bloxwich WS3 3YD.

You can print by simultaneously pressing the 'Ctrl' and 'P' buttons on the keypad of your PC.


I have now developed a series of instruction videos which you will be able to view on the 'You Tube channel' using Acrylic or Oil mediums (Watercolours and Pastels require different techniques). Up to date I have launched 6 videos covering the subjects of drawing, under-painting, finish-painting of single and multiple images (portraits).

My next endeavours are to extend this to landscape, studio and Plein Air painting.

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