Stock Ghyll Force.

Just so amazing all the foliage is so beautiful in detail. Jeanette Susan Couper

Great Detail. Love the reflection, chilly atmosphere and colours of your choice. Well done. Pauline Kielty

I love the texture in your paintings what size brushes do you use, and how do you create this water texture, it is amazing!. Sonja Gartner

Wow love this... so magical, and interesting!!! Great Work!!! Bevie

Very nice work, and the water looks great with movement and texture. Michael Monaghan

Beautiful, amazing detail !!! Junita Kondylis

So lovely to look at. Love the detail in this painting. The water moving you can almost hear it. Great work. Sandra A. Ross

#StockGhyllForce #TheBridgeWalsall #QueenSquare

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