The Bridge, Walsall

I love these historical paintings of scenes where one experiences the era and atmosphere. The buildings look so unique, decorative and the old team and cart with people gathered and walking over where the bridge once was and the monument of a sacred lady and the blinds over the Windows, a joy to behold! Ancestry is wonderful and all the photos spark interest and inspire to paint, you excelled John , in painting this scene from a page in history!

Angela Susan Harrison


The colours combine well here to give creative interpretation to a traditional subject.......Best Regards. Michael Monaghan


Very nice, very clean and precise artwork. Brian Shanks


A lovely piece of architectural art.... great pallete. Alan Webb


Love the colours and clean lines of this everyday scene. Christy


I love paintings of buildings so precise, clean, history depicted. It tells its own story.....Beautifully done. Junita Kondylis


#TheBridgeWalsall #QueenSquare

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