Grand Canal.

A very warm welcome to PIL and what a joy to see your work. I had a look at your website which is excellent and your talent knows no bounds. No mattter the subject all the paintings are superb. This one took my Eye in particular as I love Venice and also liked your Cotswolds paintings. My surname was Tew and of course I have visited Great Tew and Little Tew, but I didn't paint in thise days and I lost the photos I took of the villages. Warm wishes for a safe, happy and healthy New Year and I am going to Follow you as I can see any new work you upload. Nyra Aherne


Beautiful painting of Venice. The level of detail is wonderful to study. Also great perspective and colour. Sean Lorinyenko


What a great picture of Grand Canal. So well done. I like your palette, and the way you painted the water of the canal. It is so Venetian. Svetoch

#GrandCanal #TheBridgeWalsall #QueenSquare

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