Stock Ghyll Force.

A beautiful composition with such amazing detail. I am sure many hours went into creating it. Warm wishes. Nyra Aherne


An eye catching piece with amazing attention to detail, beautiful. Colette Doyle


This is so good, the light & reflections in the stream are spot on.

Keith Winter


This is really lovely. All the detail. It looks like it just took you for ever. Really nice art. Elisheva Caden


This is a beautiful painting. You've achieved super realism in the water ripples, but the most creative aspect is the colours you chose for the foliage. Your skill is amazing. Rosa Antonia


Stock Ghyll Force. Just so amazing all the foliage is so beautiful in detail. Jeanette Susan Couper


Stock Ghyll Force. Great detail. Love the reflection, chilly atsmospheres and the colours of your choice, well done. Pauline Kielty

#StockGhyllForce #TheBridgeWalsall #QueenSquare

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