Part Description                                                                    Quantity                       Size (mm)             
Base sub assembly                  long side                                   2                                 650 x 45 x  30
                                             short side                                  2                                 600 x 45 x 30
Upright sub assembly              long side                                   2                                 1200 x 45 x 30
                                            short side                                  2                                 600 x 45 x 30
Extension arm sub assembly    long sections                              2                                 900 x 25 x 20
                                            spacing blocks                            2                                 50 x 20 x 12
                                            end plates                                  2                                100 x 50 x 8
Canvas support sub assembly  support                                      1                                200 x 25 x 20
 (2 required)                          support plate                              1                                100 x 50 x 8 plywood
                                            alignment dowels                        2                                15 diameter x 30 
                                            back support                              2                                70 x 40 x 8 plywood    
Rear clamp                                                                            1                                 45 x 45 x 8 plywood
Side brace                                                                             2                                 600 x 40 x 15
Hardware & Fittings                                                               20                                Number 6 x 50 countersunk screws
                                                                                            2                                 Large cabinet hinge
                                                                                            8                                 Number 6 x 20 countersunk screws
                                                                                            4                                 M5 x 50 panhead machine screws
                                                                                            2                                 M5 x 75 countersunk machine screws
                                                                                            6                                 M5 wing nuts
                                                                                           12                                M5 flat washers.
                                                                                            4                                 Rubber door stops (ferrules)
Base sub assembly
Place the 600 mm lengths on a table onto the 45 mm wide faces.  Mark a line on each end at a distance of 45 mm.  Drill 2 holes within each of these marks at diagonals to each other ( these will take the wood screws, so countersink one side at an appropriate depth for the screw head to be below the surface).
By accurately lining up the corner of the 650 and 600 mm lengths, fit one wood screw. Ensure the corner is square, then fit the 2nd screw. Repeat the process for each corner of the assembly to form a rectangular frame.
Upright sub assembly
Lay the 600 mm lengths on a table on the 45 mm wide faces, mark the central position on each piece. At a distance of 20 mm on either side of these marks drill 6 mm holes (should be 40 mm apart).
Initially follow the instructions for the base but using the 600 and 1200 mm lengths. Then from one end mark a distance of 300 mm along the 1200 mm lengths. Fit the third 600 mm to these marks.
Care point :- the 6 mm drilled holes should line up with the holes drilled into the extension arm, so make sure you are fixing the third 300 mm piece on the correct side of the assembly.  It should be on the hinges side. 
Mark the central position of the two 600 mm lengths  that are closest to each other. Then on either side of these marks, add further marks at 20 mm distances  (40 mm between the two pairs) .
Drill a small pilot hole half way through on each of the latter paired intervals. Turn the sub assembly over and repeat the drilling process.(if drilled squarely the pilot holes should meet half way through).  Open up the pilot holes by drilling 6 mm diameter through. The holes should now be aligned and central to the faces from both sides, and match the holes in the extension arm.
Extension arm
These are the same items for the table & studio easels, so transfer for use, or make another set.  Apply grab adhesive (glue) to both of the 20 mm wide spacing block faces. At each end of the  900 mm long sides, sandwich the spacing blocks between the 20 mm faces. Glue and secure the end plate (ensuring all parts are held together)  at each end of the sub assembly with number 6 x 15 mm wood screws. 
From one end of the sub assembly mark at 150 mm intervals along both long sides.
On these marks add further marks, central to the assembly and 40 mm apart.  Turn the assembly over and repeat the process ensuring the marks line up with those on the opposite faces. Drill a small pilot hole half way through, on each of the intervals (if drilled squarely the pilot holes should meet in the centre).  Open up the pilot holes by drilling 6 mm diameter through.
Care point :- the  6 mm holes should match the drilled pattern of the upright frame. These will be used to alter the height of the easel when screwed together.
Canvas support (2 required)
Mark the central position of the 200 mm long support.
Mark the central position of the plywood plate across the 50 mm width. Mark from the one end distances of 15, 35 and 75 mm.  Drill through a 6 mm hole on the 35 mm mark. Drill 16 mm on the 15 and 75 marks. these will take the 15 mm alignment dowels.
At the other end drill & chamfer holes in the corners at a distance of 10 mm in both directions, to take the number 6 x 25 mm wood screws.
Care point :- glue and fix with number 6 x 15 mm wood screws through the plate and into the support. Make sure that the two central position marks align.
Glue and fit 15 mm dowels into the plate, and flush to the same side as the support. When dry produce flats equally spaced and 10 mm apart on the dowels. The whole assembly needs to slide freely on these dowels and align centrally in the 12 mm gap created in the extension bar.
Glue and fix with number 6 x 20 mm wood screws the backing plates the ends being flush with the canvas support and central to the 20 mm width.  There should be a 10 mm overhang on the canvas support which will enable you to reverse the orientation for larger canvases.
Side Braces
Mark and drill 6 mm holes at a distance of 25 mm from both ends.  Round off both ends of each brace, and remove all sharp edges.
Preparation prior to assembly
Fill all imperfections with grab adhesive. Clean up each of the assemblies with sandpaper. Chamfer all edges. Apply 2 coats of wood varnish. Re- drill all 6 mm diameter holes to remove wood and paint debris.
Join the upright and base frame sub assemblies with the cabinet hinges on the marks. Join the upright frame and canvas support sub assemblies through the 6 mm holes with the 5 mm machine screws, washers and wing nuts.  Fit the bracing bars on each side of the assembly and secure with 5 mm machine screws, washers and wing nuts.
Fit the rubber ferrules in each corner to the underside of the base unit.

Clamping plate (2 required)
In each of the clamping plates, drill centrally (in both directions) a 6 mm hole.